Custom Home Design, Construction, and More

Acadia DC Home builders can quote, design, and construct a custom home for you anywhere in Kleinburg. Our services are totally dynamic and all-inclusive, getting you from start to finish with the custom house of your dreams. We have expert architects, engineers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, interior designers and more!

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custom home Kleinburg

Our Simple Process

We make building custom homes in Kleinburg easy with a 5-step process, giving you maximum control with minimal stress. We do this while giving you the tools you need to make informed design decisions.

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Initial Consultation

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Quoting and Budgets

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Design and Drawings

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Custom Home Consultations

Our custom home consultations are easy for you, and give us an idea of the kind of project you want from Acadia DC. Consultations are where we invite you to ask all your questions and give as much input as possible. We want to understand your vision for a beautiful custom house, and from your perspective. We'll be there to help you hone it into a piece of beauty that works with proven artistic principles and realistic logistics.

Planning is everything in custom home building, which is why we’ll want to know your expectations for things like square footage, aesthetics, and overall cost. If you aren’t sure about something, our professionals will be there to guide and offer examples to help you make decisions on your future property in Kleinburg. To book a consultation or find out more about the consultation process, get started by contacting us here.

Custom Home Quotes in Kleinburg

After proper discussions with you, Acadia DC will be able to give you a general estimate of your costs for the project. We look at a number of previous projects that are similar to yours, market prices in Kleinburg for all relevant materials, and the size ands scale of the project to give you a comprehensive estimate for your project. It is all compiled by our expert team to give you an overall projection and breakdown of costs, assisting you in understanding your biggest price points will be and how to avoid them. We do our best to give estimates on not just typical costs, but any expenses that may come from your particular circumstances too, so there are no surprises down the road.

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Custom Home Designing

After our designers work their magic, we will give you layout drawings to illustrate where different rooms, wiring, and utilities will go. It is all planned out before the first nail is hammered down, giving you the chance to review, make comments, and get a sense of how your house will function on both a day-to-day and long-term level.

Electrical design is a big part of these drawings, giving you a sense of where outlets, fuse boxes, and lights will be in your household. This is also an indicator of where you can introduce smart-home amenities into your home. Today’s technology gives people dozens of complex technological conveniences to make daily life easier, such as automated lights, sprinklers, and sound systems. Our designs will outline where these can be installed, giving you the foundation for a completely modern home experience.

Custom Home Construction Kleinburg

With a custom home, you choose every detail of your home- from the layout to the materials used in construction, it is all up to you. If you’re looking for a home that is truly unique, a custom house is your best option.

We use the latest technologies available to our industry to build custom houses. With modern equipment, building homes from scratch is more efficient than ever. We supply and hire all necessary contractors, equipment, materials, and more, so you don’t need to worry about the details. We will keep you updated throughout the construction process, and always aim to finish on schedule and on time.

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Getting Your New Home

Before handing you the keys to your brand new custom home in Kleinburg, we make sure everything is just the way you want it. We do final industry-grade inspections on the property, structure, and interior of the structure, making changes and adjustments where necessary.

We want to ensure your custom home is built to match your life- during the handover process, we want you to look back at your new custom home and think “this is a place specially made for me and my family”.

We Handle Everything For You!

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We make sure you have all the designs, zoning documents, and municipal permits needed.

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Our team’s professional engineers are here to support your vision, safely and sustainably.

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Construction and renovation services available for commercial and residential clients.

project management

Project management

We manage everything for your projects, making sure they’re delivered on time.

Permits, Bylaws, Drawings - We Do It All

Acadia DC has extensive history working with Kleinburg and surrounding municipalities to provide homeowners with drafting and permit drawing services. We will draft and submit all of the necessary paperwork, with a focus on making the process simple for you. With decades of experience, our permit team can help plan your project from start to finish, following all health and safety standards to code.

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Our Custom Home Design Process

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Research and Analysis

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Design and Drafting

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Municipal Approval and Clearance

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Acquire Materials

From concept to completion, Acadia DC ideates, designs, and constructs your dream house in Kleinburg. We do all necessary planning, measurement, design, drawing, project reviews, zoning, permits, management, construction, and much more! If you are ready to bring your dreams to life, we encourage you to reach out to our team today.

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Steps to Building a Custom Home in Kleinburg

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Picketing and Planning

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Initial Structure

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Main Structure

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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation

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Interior and Finishes

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Custom House Pricing in Kleinburg & the GTA

We estimate our prices based on a number of personalized factors. Over the years we have developed connections with key suppliers, manufacturers, and equipment dealers throughout Ontario, giving us some of the best rates in Kleinburg and beyond for building custom homes. We estimate based on the location, scope, materials, and specialized circumstances of your project. We want to give you the best possible rates on your custom home while meeting or exceeding your expectations in terms of quality.

While it is highly dependent on the materials and style of home you’ve chosen, we expect to see averages of $250-350 per square foot for constructing custom homes in Kleinburg. When we give you a quote for your custom home, we’ll give you a full breakdown of where your biggest expenses will be, letting you to make the call on where you’d like to see most of your budget spent.

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What Do I Need to Start my Custom Home Project in Kleinburg?

So what do you need to bring to the table to build a custom home in Kleinburg? To get started, all you need is an idea!

Once you've got some ideas on what your custom home will look like and where you’ll want it constructed, we’ll help you get all of the paperwork in order to begin. Our team can help you discover a property that will suit your needs, or advise you on how we will construct a custom home on a property you already have. We can then begin drafting budgets, permits, and more to show you renderings of your custom home.

Do you have an idea for a custom home in Kleinburg or the surrounding area? Contact us today and we can start planning for your future home!

Servicing Kleinburg and Beyond

Acadia DC has an extensive history with the government organizations and citizens of Kleinburg. We’ve been providing construction services to Ontarians for decades, and have been offering comprehensive custom home building services for over 15 years. Over all these years we’ve forged powerful partnerships and gained valuable experience that will ensure your custom home is absolutely perfect.

We have experience working on a number of different types of properties, and can adapt to all sorts of ground, weather, and seasonal conditions. We build homes to be comfortable all year round. With incredibly functional and aesthetically gorgeous custom homes, Acadia is your best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me plan my custom home in Kleinburg?

Our residential or commercial space renovation processes always begin with detailed planning. Whether you already have your vision for a Kleinburg custom home, or you need Acadia’s professional teams to steer you in the right direction, we can do the preparation and planning that will bring your new idea into reality.

What is the average price of a custom home in Kleinburg?

Costs of custom home projects vary depending on the scale of the project and the types of finishings used. However, we typically find that custom home projects can cost between $250 and $350 per square foot. We always strive to get you the best rates on materials and labour.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

While size and specifications play an important role in determining the duration of a project, a custom home project can generally take 10 months to 1 year to complete. We have a number of project managers on our teams to ensure your custom home is ready on-time.

Can I customize every detail of my home?

Pretty much! You can customize a lot of details for your custom home, but there are some limitations. The cost, integrity, and availability of materials may affect the level of customization that is possible, for both safety and financial reasons. It is also important to work with a qualified builder who can help you realize your vision for your home while keeping it safe, functional, and affordable. At Acadia DC, we’ll be there to advise you on the best possible option throughout the custom home process.

What Other Services do you Provide?

Acadia Design Consultants Inc. is a design, construction, and consulting company offering services to residential and commercial clients in Kleinburg. We have comprehensive services available to bring a project to life from conception to completion, including:

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