From Custom House Design to Construction

Acadia DC can design and build custom homes anywhere in Toronto or the GTA. We are professional custom home builders, offering all-inclusive services, from concept to construction. No matter what kind of vision you have, Acadia DC can bring it to life. We have expert architects, engineers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, interior designers and more. All here to work with you to design your new home!

Types of Custom Homes We Build

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How to Design a Modern Custom Home in Toronto

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Why Build a Custom Home?

A custom-built home caters perfectly to your lifestyle and modern demands for functional living spaces, including work-from-home needs. Careful design planning addresses traffic flow, open spaces, and essential features like home offices with necessary amenities.

Acadia DC guides you on creating a highly functional environment with considerations like ample power outlets, ethernet connections, and cable access. Our goal is to provide families with a safe, comfortable shared living space without compromising on luxury.

An Easy Process

We make building custom homes in Toronto easy with our 5-step process, giving you maximum control with minimal stress. We’ll handle all the work, while giving you the tools you need to make informed design decisions.

custom home consultation services

Custom Home Consultation Services

Our consultations are designed to gather as much information regarding your vision as possible. We want to understand your perspective, offering artistic guidance and practical considerations throughout.

As experienced custom home builders, we will guide you through questions regarding location, design, budget, and unique features. Planning is key, so we’ll discuss expectations for square footage, overall cost, and aesthetics. If you’re unsure about any aspect, our professionals are here to assist. Contact us to book a consultation or learn more about the process.

Custom Home Quoting and Budgets

After our consultation, Acadia DC provides a detailed estimate based on similar custom homes in Toronto, market rates, and project scope. Our expert team compiles this information to offer a breakdown of costs, helping you identify key expenses and potential savings.

We prioritize sourcing materials and contractors from reputable, industry-certified providers to give you the best resources for building your dream home. This phase also involves signing agreements and delving into specifics about your customized home.

custom home quoting and budgeting services
custom home design and drawings

Custom Home Design and Drawings

As professional custom home builders in Toronto, we provide clients with comprehensive access to architectural designs, including floor plans and 3D renderings. This phase offers accurate representations of your project, allowing you to visualize the final result.

We guide you through each aspect of your home design, discussing layout, wiring, and utility placements before construction begins. Our detailed drawings also highlight opportunities for modern amenities and automation, ensuring a seamless and efficient living experience.

Custom Home Construction

A custom home in Toronto offer complete control over size, layout, materials, finishes, and fixtures, resulting in a uniquely tailored living space. Our use of advanced technology ensures swift construction.

We handle all aspects, including contractors, equipment, and materials, providing a hassle-free experience. As professional custom home builders in Toronto, we always prioritize finishing on time and within budget, providing constant updates and communication throughout the project timeline.

custom home construction
custom home handover

Custom Home Handover

Prior to handing over the keys to your newly built custom home, we conduct thorough inspections of the property, including the structure and interior. Any necessary changes or adjustments are made to ensure everything aligns with your preferences.

Our goal is to ensure that your new home perfectly complements your lifestyle. During the handover process, we want you to look back at your new home and think “this place was specially designed for me”.

Our Service Areas in the GTA

With years of experience, Acadia DC is a trusted name in Toronto and the GTA. Our 15+ years as specialist custom home builders in Toronto have allowed us to build strong partnerships throughout the industry.

We excel at building customized homes for range of different property types, always guaranteeing impeccable results. Our expert contractors have the knowledge to adapt to different types of ground, weather and seasonal conditions.

Custom Home Permits, Bylaws, and Drawings

Acadia DC handles permits and bylaws for you. With over 10 years of experience as custom home builders, we provide fast and professional drafting and permit drawing services, ensuring swift municipal approval. Our team ensures all paperwork is in order, simplifying the process for you. We create building plans that adhere to health and safety standards and meet code requirements from ideation to execution.

custom homes drawings

Why People Select Us

See why people partner with Acadia DC for their custom homes in Toronto!

bathroom designers 5 star review

Acadia is great!!! Our project is a bakery in Toronto and Acadia was able to guide our permit process very efficiently. We needed a zoning variance and building permits. They coordinated everything so that there was minimal time between the 2 processes.

The staff are INCREDIBLE!!! All very professional and very good at the work they do. I was panicked at a couple of stages and they took the time to explain what was happening with the project and how it’s progressing.

Shawn. A
bathroom designers 5 star review

I would absolutely recommend Acadia, and also an amazing contractor that they sometimes work with, whose name is George – it was a great feeling to see someone so skilled at their work. Max (the owner) was incredibly patient with our questions, but also incredibly skilled at designing both the interior and exterior.

Brian. G
5 star reviews bathroom renovation

It’s a great pleasure working with Acadia team which is accommodating and sensitive to our needs. Their professionalism shows in management, quality of work and customer service. The project was extremely successful and our personnel could not have been more pleased with their work environment.

Elly. Z
bathroom designers 5 star review

Acadia helped us with obtaining a permit for our structure. We are extremely thankful to Acadia for the service they provided. They were very professional, punctual, very responsive, and supportive throughout the process.

Maranna. G
5 star reviews bathroom renovation

Acadia helped us with obtaining a permit for our structure. We are extremely thankful to Acadia for the service they provided. They were very professional, punctual, very responsive, and supportive throughout the process.

Danny. S
bathroom designers 5 star review

We have used Acadia for various design-build projects, and can confidently say you are in great hands. Their staff guided us through the regulatory red tape and their experience helped avoid the delays that plague building permits and construction projects.

Mike. D

Why Trust Us With Your Custom House?

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What We Need From You

So what do you need to bring to the table to build a personalized home?

All you need to bring is an idea! Once you have it, we’ll assist with the paperwork and advise on property selection or construction on your existing land. From there, we’ll draft budgets, permits, and outlines to visualize your future home.

Do you have an idea? Contact us today and we can start planning for your future home!

Important Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Why should I build a custom home?
  1. Future-Proof Living: Custom homes allow you to plan for your family’s future needs, avoiding the hassle of relocating as your family grows.
  2. Increased Energy Efficiency: Custom builds prioritize energy-efficient fixtures, reducing your monthly energy bills and enhancing sustainability.
  3. Flexible Family Spaces: Custom layouts create inclusive family spaces while preserving privacy where needed.
  4. Tailored Lifestyle: Customize your home for entertaining, with features like expansive patios or spacious kitchens.
  5. Personalized Details: Choose every detail, from doorknobs to appliances, to express your unique style.
  6. Integrated Technology: Incorporate the latest home technology seamlessly into your custom build.
  7. Location Choice: Build in the ideal location, such as proximity to schools or loved ones, and leverage the natural terrain.
  8. Lower Maintenance Costs: New materials and warranties in custom homes minimize maintenance worries and costs.
  9. Select Your Builder: Choose a reputable builder who uses quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure a long-lasting home.
  10. Pride of Ownership: Custom homes are unique works of art, reflecting your style and priorities, creating a strong sense of pride in ownership.

If you own a lot you’re dreaming about building a custom home on, great! Otherwise, we can help you find the perfect blank canvas for your new house. There’s no need to own land before starting this journey. We can provide plenty of homesite options from which to choose.

Before embarking on the journey of building a custom home in Toronto, it’s crucial to factor in several key considerations. These include aspects such as the design aesthetics, budgetary constraints, and architectural style you envision for your new home.

Equally important are elements like the dimensions of the lot, zoning regulations applicable to the specific parcel, the presence of significant trees on the property, and notably, the proximity of the lot to Toronto’s cherished and safeguarded ravines. Each of these factors plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall planning and execution of your custom house project.

In the Toronto area, the average cost for custom homes typically falls within the range of $400 to $550 per square foot. To provide a clearer perspective, let’s consider a few scenarios.

For a 3,300 square foot home, the estimated cost may range from $1,320,000 to $1,815,000. This range is influenced by factors such as architectural intricacy, ceiling heights, material quality, luxury finishes, lot size, and basement excavation depth.

If you’re considering a larger 6,600 square foot home, the cost could range from $2,640,000 to $3,630,000. For a more expansive 10,000 square foot home, the estimated cost might range from $4,000,000 to $5,500,000, again depending on these various factors.

The cost of a custom home in Toronto can vary widely based on factors such as size, design complexity, and selected materials. It’s important to note that the construction timeline typically ranges from 12 to 24 months.

During this period, you will receive regular updates on the progress, allowing you to plan accordingly. Approximately 3 to 6 months prior to completion, you will be provided with the exact completion date and when you can expect to move into your new home.

To build a custom home in Toronto, you’ll need a building permit. If your project requires Committee of Adjustment (C of A) approval, we can apply for your building permit about a month after C of A approval. If your project falls under as-of-right zoning, you can apply for the permit once all design documents and engineering are finalized. Typically, the permit issuance takes 1 to 2 months from the application date, depending on your custom home’s size and complexity. 

At Acadia DC, we have extensive experience in securing permits in Toronto and the GTA, handling all the necessary planning and paperwork on your behalf, so you can relax.

No, you won’t need to pay the full cost upfront. After the initial consultation and budget determination, we’ll provide an estimated timeline of costs. We’ll work out a payment schedule covering labour, materials, permits, and other associated expenses. Our project managers will provide more details once the plans are finalized.

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