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Acadia DC specializes in full-service garden suite construction in Toronto, we handle everything from design to construction. Our talented team excels at bringing your vision to life, creating customized garden suites that perfectly compliment your property. Trust Acadia DC with your next garden suite project and you will not be disappointed!

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What Is A Garden Suite?

A garden suite is a supplementary living space located on the premises of an existing property, it is typically designed to complement the main residence. These units are often more compact than traditional secondary dwellings and may include amenities like a kitchenette and bathroom. In Toronto, garden suites are commonly used as rental spaces, providing an extra source of income for homeowners, or as independent living spaces for family members.

Why Build A Garden Suite?

Garden suites have gained popularity among Toronto property owners for a few compelling reasons. Firstly, they offer a lucrative opportunity to generate extra rental income. With the rising demand for affordable housing, garden suites present a innovative solution for renters seeking altnerative living arrangements.

Integrating these compact, detached units into existing properties allows homeowners to contribute to the city’s housing inventory without significantly changing the character of well-established neighborhoods. This preserves Toronto’s aesthetic charm while effectively meeting the urgent demand for more housing options.

Why Choose Acadia DC?

At Acadia DC, we have over 15 years of experience constructing unique garden suites in Toronto and the GTA, our talented team are exceptionally good at designing, planning and building suites that align perfectly with your vision. We offer free consultations and 3D renderings, allowing you to discuss your garden suite inspiration in depth with our designers.

Our internal contractors provide accurate construction timelines, consistent communication and unbeatable prices on materials and finishes. Acadia DC will be your partner throughout the construction of your new garden suite, eliminating the need to source multiple contractors and coordinate separate timelines. Sit back, relax and let us realise your dreams!

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Reliable Garden Suite Contractors in Toronto?

So, what does it take to construct a garden suite in Toronto? It all starts with an idea! Once you’ve envisioned your ideal suite, Acadia DC will make your garden suite vision a reality. From ideation to execution, we handle all necessary documentation, ensuring adherence to provincial and municipal building regulations and codes. Our expert team develops budgets, permits, and outlines for your project, ensuring a seamless transformation. Contact Acadia DC today, and let’s build your dream garden suite together!

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A garden suite is a detached, self-contained housing unit located on the same property as a primary residence. They are also commonly referred to as laneway houses, granny flats, or backyard homes.

Yes, garden suites are legal in Toronto. The city has implemented zoning regulations and bylaws to support the development of these housing units as a means of addressing the growing demand for affordable housing.

At Acadia DC, we pride ourselves on our expertise in navigating the permit process for garden suites in Toronto. Our experienced team is well-versed in the city’s zoning regulations, bylaws, and application requirements. We can certainly assist you in obtaining the necessary permit for your garden suite project.

Size and height restrictions may vary depending on the specific zoning regulations for your property. In general, garden suites must be smaller than the primary residence and must adhere to specified setbacks, height limits, and lot coverage requirements.

Yes, you can build a garden suite on a property without a laneway. Garden suites are detached units that can be built in the backyard or side yard of an existing residential property.

Yes, you can rent out your garden suite as a long-term rental property, providing additional income and contributing to Toronto’s affordable housing options.

Parking requirements for garden suites in Toronto may vary depending on the specific zoning regulations for your property. However, it is common for garden suites to require at least one parking space for the tenant.

Yes, you will need to pay additional property taxes for a garden suite, as it is considered a separate dwelling on your property. The amount of additional taxes will depend on the assessed value of the garden suite.

No, you cannot sell a garden suite separately from the primary residence, as it is considered an accessory dwelling unit and must remain on the same property.

Garden suites typically require connections to water, sewer, and electrical services. These connections may be separate from or shared with the primary residence, depending on the specific design and layout of the garden suite.