Why Choose Acadia for your Home Addition Reno?

Home additons are a fantastic way to extend your beloved home, the inclusion of new family members or life style changes can nessecciate the need for more space. At Acadia DC, our team consists of dedicated design specialists devoted to making your residential home additons come to life.

We offer custom home addition services that are tailored to your specific property, the team at Acadia DC will handle everything, from design, material sourcing, construction and finishes. We have extensive experience constructing a range of home additions across Toronto and the GTA.

Why Use Acadia for Your Home Addition?

Bring Your Dreams Into Reality

Our specialized team is here to help you with any type of home addition. No matter what type of residential addition you need, we will help you create the home of your dreams.

Kitchen Additions

Upgrade your kitchen with our custom kitchen additions, whether you are looking to extend your counterspace, include a kitchen island or breakfast nook, Acadia DC can help bring this into reality.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, this is not only where you cook your meals, it is also a central hub for your residence. Extending your kitchen at your Toronto property, not only enhances your living space but also increases your property value. This type of home improvement is a fantastic investment into your quality of life and future finances

Rear House Additions

Rear additions are a popular choice for Toronto homeowners, offering the opportunity to extend your property without affecting the curb side appeal. This type of home addition allows for a lot of freedom when designing, you are able to add more bedrooms, extend your kitchen or living room, perhaps construct a home office.

The team at Acadia DC have years of experience building custom rear addition designs, from initial design to construction and final touches, our comprehensive service encompasses everything!

Outdoor Living Space Addition

Including an outdoor living space addition is an excellent home improvement project that will enhance your overall property value. Whether you are looking host social gatherings, build a private oasis, or just enhance your outdoor space, Acadia DC is your backyard renovation partner!

Our team of specialist design consulates can help you design that backyard of your dreams, we can assist in the creation of outdoor kitchens, BBQ areas, fire pit installations, pergola and pool cabana construction, swimming pool installations, and more!

Full Garage Conversions

Garage additions are a excellent way to increase the value of your property, offering a space to store your vehicle, additional storage, or even a home office. From initial design to completion, Acadia DC’s design team of skilled professionals are ready to assist you during all phases of any garage addition project.

Alternatively, garage conversions offer the unique opportunity to intergrate additional bedrooms, work from home office or workshop in a pre existing structure. Allowing you to utilise the space available to you in a way that suits your current lifestyle.

Basement Additions

Basement additions are an excellent way to expand the living space of your property in the GTA without sacrificing your outdoor area. Whether you are looking to add a new basement or convert your current basement, Acadia DC will be able to help build the perfect underground santurary.

Basements are an excellent home improvement project, they can be used as an extra living space complete with its own entrance, additional living room, man cave, game room, bar, and so much more!

Attic and Loft Additions

Attic additions, much like basement additions, are an fantastic way to extend your living space without sacrificing your backyard. By extending upwards you can include additional bedrooms, bathrooms, office or play area, without increasing the square footage of your property.

Acadia DC offers professional attic conversions for properties that already have an existing loft. Our comprehensive home addition construction services in Toronto and the GTA encompass design, construction, finishing touches and more! We are your partner from start to finish.

Our Service Areas

Our Approach to Home Additions

We make custom home additions easy with our 5-step process. In addition to handling all aspects of the project, we will provide you with the information and advice you need to make informed and safe design decisions.

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Initial Consultation

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Quoting and Budgets

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Design and Drawings

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Acadia DC Consultation Services

We start with thorough research into your preferences and aesthetics. Our FREE consultations cover all aspects essential for a successful home addition project, here will discuss your vision and start to bring it into reality.

For any home addition, careful planning and communication is key. We want to understand your expectations, including budget and desired aesthetics so we can not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Our design experts are here to provide guidance and professional recommdendations throughout the project timeline.

Budgeting and Quotes

Our streamlined process starts with planning and design. Our expert designers turn your vision into a concrete plan, ensuring it aligns with your budget and timeline. Detailed layout drawings map out wiring, connections, and utilities. We provide a precise project scope for an accurate estimate, giving you a clear vision of the final result.

We’re dedicated to providing you with quality resources for your home addition project, all our materials are sourced from trusted, industry-certified suppliers. So you can ensure the durability and longevity of your new home addition.

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Design, Drawings & Permits

Our architectural designs and drawings are crucial for visualizing your home addition. This includes floor plans and 3D renderings, offering a clear understanding of the project’s final look and function. Layout drawings illustrate space use and finish placement, ensuring you fully understand the the day-to-day functionality before construction begins.

Navigating the permit process for home additions can be complex. With years of expertise, our team at Acadia Design Consultants can expedite this process, guaranteeing you get the renovation you desire, in a timely manner. We obtain all required additions permit drawings and documentation you need for your home construction project. Trust us to handle it all!

Custom Home Additions

When completing home addition projects, safety and security are of the utmost importance. We follow specific steps to ensure your project’s safe completion. We utilize industry-leading equipment, technology, and skilled professionals.

Our modern equipment makes expanding your space easier than ever. We handle contractors, materials, and everything needed. Throughout the project we maintain constant communication, meeting deadlines and budget throughout. Our focus is achieving ultimate client satisfaction, guiding you through each step of your home improvement project.

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final checks home additions

Final Checks

Acadia DC meticulously oversees each home addition project to ensure success and meet your standards. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, we want every client to be thrilled with the results and satisfied with the support they recieved.

If you’re considering building your dream structure, explore our custom home builder services.

Our Design & Build Process

From concept to completion, Acadia DC has everything you need to ideate, design, and construct your dream build. We do planning, measurement, design, drawing, project reviews, zoning, permit approvals, project management, construction, and much more! If you are ready to bring your dreams to life, we encourage you to reach out to our professional team today.

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“We have used Acadia for various design build projects, and can confidently say you are in great hands. Their staff guided us through the regulatory red tape and their experience helped avoid the delays that plague building permits and construction projects.”

Why Trust Us With Your Home Additions Reno?

The Toronto Home Addition Experts

Specializing in home additions, we thrive on turning your dreams into reality. Our skilled team in Toronto builds unique outdoor living areas, kitchen extensions, garage conversions, and more.

We prioritize functionality and aesthetics in every residential or commercial project, aiming to create spaces that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

From Custom Design and Permits to Construction

What You Need To Know About House Additions in Toronto

Our team takes care of the permits for your addition/renovations. Here at Acadia, we can coordinate and design a complete set of permit drawings (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, etc.) to ensure faster approval of your renovation permits and to minimize the possibility of unnecessary delays.

Our professionals work with all the major municipalities to ensure all preliminary plans are approved. Our detailed project planning process mean fewer delays and better results.

Our residential or commercial space renovation process always begins with detailed planning. This means working with you to get the full idea of what you want your space to look like. Whether you already have your vision, or you need Acadia’s professionals to steer you in the right direction, we can do the analysis and careful planning that will bring your new idea one step closer to reality.

While there are a lot of variables to account for when determining a project’s length, on average it can take 3 – 4 months to build an addition. We always do our best to communicate timelines with you well ahead of construction.

Absolutely, we always do things by the book. All plans and drawings by Acadia DC are completed according to the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and stamped by a BCIN professional and/or Engineer based on project requirements. We go above and beyond in order to make sure your home addition is safe, sustainable, and properly built.

Home additions can provide a number of benefits, including more living space, improved functionality, and increased property value. They can also be a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The cost of a home addition will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the project, as well as the type of addition.

You can view a gallery of our completed works and projects here! This gallery includes some addition projects we’ve worked on recently!

The most common types of home additions are kitchen and bathroom expansions. Other popular additions include sunrooms, garages, and decks.

One of the most common challenges with home additions is ensuring that the addition blends in with the existing structure. It’s important to work with qualified contractors, like the team at Acadia, who can help you design and build an addition that looks like it was always part of the house.

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