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Getting started on your dream interior renovation project with Acadia Design Consultants is simple and straightforward! After a short consultation with one of our qualified interior renovation specialists, we can quickly undergo the process of designing and customizing your construction plan to fit it seamlessly within your budget and timeline. We're an all-in-one team, getting you the permits, designs, and construction you need to bring your project to life quickly and effectively.

At Acadia Design Consultants, we believe that no project is too daunting and nothing is impossible. If you dream it, we will build it. Period. Whether you are interested in renovating your kitchen, basement or garage, we have the right tools, team, and technology to assist you throughout the entire project.

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How We Approach Interior Renovations

We make custom renovations simple with our 5-step process. We will handle all the aspects of work while giving you the information and advice you need to make informed and safe design decisions. Acadia DC wants to bring your dream home to life, and we’re looking forward to renovating the interior of your home.
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Initial Consultation

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Quoting and Budgets

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Design and Drawings

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Acadia DC Consultation Services

The first step in the Acadia design process is to research what design style and aesthetics are perfect for the client. Ensuring that every proposed choice serves a specific purpose, our consultations are simple, but cover everything that is needed to carry out your renovation project successfully. During our consultation process, we want to hear about any unique design features you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure if your space is ready to be renovated to your needs, we invite you to book a consultation so we can analyze your options.

Planning is paramount when it comes to interior home renovations. We want to know your all of expectations before we begin like overall cost, and your envisioned aesthetics. Of course, if you aren’t sure about something, our professionals will be there to guide you into making informed decisions. To book a home interior renovation consultation or find out more about the consultation process, get started by contacting us here.

Budgeting and Quotes

Next, is the planning and design stage. Our designers will take your custom requests and vision and create a game plan to bring it into reality within budget and on time. What needs to be moved, are there structures that need to be added, load-bearing walls that need to be removed? Layout drawings will be provided to illustrate where all the wiring, connections, and utilities will go. Everything is planned out before the first nail is hammered down. This gives the client a chance to understand how their home will look after the interior renovation process is completed. From there we scope the project to give you the most accurate estimate possible. Our expert team gives you an overall projection and breakdown of costs, helping you understand where your biggest expenses will be and how to avoid them. At the end of the day, Acadia DC is dedicated to make your design dreams a reality.

We want to give you resources so you can get your home renovated the right way. We only obtain our materials from reliable, industry-certified sources. An important part of being one of the best interior remodelling companies in the GTA is saving our clients money. Acadia DC is here to understand all of your wants and needs in regard to the renovation of the interior of your home.

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Design, Drawings & Permits

We offer all clients access to their architectural designs and drawings for their respective projects. Floor plans, 3D renderings, and many more visual designs are available to you to understand how the final result will look. This is an important phase for any home renovation project. How the space will be utilized in the home is essential for the homeowners to understand. This phase gives you a visual indication of how your custom interior renovation will look. We thoroughly show you each part of your home renovation plan and how we intend on achieving it.

Layout drawings will be provided to illustrate how exactly the space will be used and where the finishes will go. Everything is planned out before the first nail is hammered down. This gives the client a chance to understand how their proposed interior home renovation will function on a day-to-day level.

Getting a permit approved for any type of home renovation can be particularly tricky for homeowners. Luckily for you, our team at Acadia Design Consultants has years of experience navigating these often confusing legal restrictions and know how to ensure you get the renovation that you dream of. No matter what, Acadia DC will acquire all necessary permit drawings and documentation for you during this phase. Permits are necessary for all structural modifications in Oakville. Not to worry though- Acadia DC handles everything. We have extensive experience working with Oakville officials to get our permits.

Custom Interior Renovation

Before we begin removing the existing interior for a home renovation project, we have several steps to take for the safety of your family and your home. Safety and security are our top priority when doing any type of significant renovation in your home. Our team will always ensure the necessary safety precautions are taken when handling your interior renovation project. We use the latest cutting-edge technology, tools and expertise to renovate the interior homes.

With modern construction equipment, renovating any room in your home walls is faster than ever. We supply and hire all necessary contractors, equipment, materials, and more. We will keep you constantly updated and informed throughout the interior renovation process, always aiming to finish on time and on budget.

It doesn't take long for our clients to begin to see their interior design fantasies materializing into reality. Our building and construction teams are committed to professionalism, safety, and cleanliness, holding the client's peace of mind consistently at the highest priority.

We meticulously go through each and every stage of the home addition project with the client from the beginning to end, to ensure that we fulfill our goal of ultimate client satisfaction.

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Final Checks

Acadia DC always performs checks to ensure your interior home renovation project is a success. We carefully go through the process and ensure all steps are done with care, so that everything is up to your standard.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important and personal to us, we want all our clients to feel ecstatic with the outcome of their interior renovation project and satisfied with the support and expertise we provided.

Interior renovations are a great way to take an existing structure and modernize it to meet your needs. For anyone looking to build a new structure of their dreams, we encourage you to check out our collection of design and construction projects

Custom and Unique Designs

Your home's interior is special to you and your family- Acadia DC is here to make sure it looks special too. Our team of designers and architects are here to create gorgeous, modern, and functional spaces for your family and home. We know what works and what doesn't, what looks good and matches and what doesn’t- we are committed to helping you bring your vision of a renovated home interior into reality. Everything you need for home renovations is here at Acadia DC.
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Our Design & Build Process

From concept to completion, Acadia DC has everything you need to ideate, design, and construct your dream build. We do planning, measurement, design, drawing, project reviews, zoning, permit approvals, project management, construction, and much more! If you are ready to bring your dreams to life, we encourage you to reach out to our professional team today.

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Live In Modern Comfort

Making your house and home more modern has many advantages. Modern touches and design finishes add comfort, value and attractiveness to the look and feel of your entire home.

Custom interior renovations give homeowners the opportunity to not only create open concept spaces, but they can also choose custom colours to match the room that will further accentuate any natural light. More light in your home also gives you the opportunity to use fewer artificial light sources that use electricity, which is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Acadia Design Consultants can advise you on every option you need to choose to make your house a truly wonderful environment for work and play. Creating a safe, beautiful functional space for a family to enjoy starts with planning.

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aacadia dc interior renovation Oakville

Beautifully Renovated Interiors

Renovations come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to remove a wall and create an open concept space or make your entire home look brand new, we are able to handle it.

Prior to starting construction, we will make sure that any planned structural changes are safe, that the materials used are efficient and up to code, and that you have all the necessary municipal approvals. To ensure a smooth project development process, we can also manage it on or off-site.

Why Trust Acadia DC With Your Interior Renovation Project

Your Vision Comes to Life

We are ready to help you with all of your interior renovation needs. From the top of your home to the bottom, we make your interior reno dreams a reality.
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From Interior Design to Renovation

Permits, Bylaws, and Drawings - We Can Do It All

Even some of the smallest renovation projects require some type of stressful and confusing permit process. Worry less about interior renovation bylaws and permits- Acadia Design Consultants has spent years working with the city of Oakville and other municipalities, so you can be sure that we have the skills, professionalism and expertise to get all the necessary paperwork in place to make the process so as quick, easy and smooth as possible.

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Designers, Architects, Engineers & More

When creating your own personal vision, it is important that the client and designer have a direct line of open communication with one another. At Acadia DC, we want to ensure you receive the renovated interior space you dream of, which is why open communication with us is extremely important. Available via in-person meetings, phone or email,  we make sure that you’re always aware of what is going on with your interior home renovation project.

"I was very impressed with Max and his team! Very professional! Fast service! I would highly recommend Acadia Design Consultants for design, building permits, construction /build!!! Great job!"

All Your Interior Renovation Needs Under One Roof

We perform A - Z renovations for our clients, which means that no matter what you need to achieve your dream space, our team can deliver it for you. Here's just a few of the things what we can do for your interior renovation project:

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions. Our answers.

Our team takes care of the permits for your interior home renovations. Here at Acadia, we can coordinate and design a complete set of permit drawings (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, etc.) to ensure faster approval of your renovation permits and to minimize the possibility of unnecessary delays.

Our professionals work with all the major municipalities to ensure all the preliminary plans are approved. Our detailed project plans mean fewer delays and better results.

Our residential or commercial spaces always begin with detailed planning. This means working with you to get the full idea of what you want your space to look like. Whether you already have your vision, or you need Acadia’s professionals to steer you in the right direction, we can do the analysis and careful planning that will bring your new idea one step closer to reality.

Yes! All plans and drawings by Acadia DC are completed according to the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and stamped by a BCIN professional and/or Engineer based on project requirements.

The price truly depends on the scope of the work (full home, one room, or a couple of rooms). You can set up a free consultation with our experts to get a clear idea of the cost of your project.

Acadia Design Consultants Inc. is a design, construction, and consulting company offering services to residential and commercial clients in Oakville. We have comprehensive services available to bring a project to life from conception to completion, including:

Again, this really depends on the scope of your project. We can provide a preliminary timeline for your project after we have discussed your project with you. We always want to give you accurate assessments for timelines and budgets, so contact our team to get a proper estimate today!

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